— CGA Special 2006 —

All details for the CGA Special Smash Tournament can be found here!

Date, Time, Location

January 28th at 11:00 am
Ohio -> Columbus -> The Ohio State University -> The Ohio Union (Basement) -> Gray Suite B
Directions: Click here
  The Ohio Union
  1739 North High St.
  Columbus, OH, 43210


Near the Union there is a "C"-level parking garage. Park there, you'll get a little parking pass—hang onto that. If you bring any form of helpful equipment for the tournament, your [very small] parking fee will be reimbursed.

*The Ohio Union is wheelchair-accessible.

What to Bring

TVs, Gamecubes, and most importantly YOUR OWN CONTROLLER(S)!

Games, Formats, and Fees

Super Smash Bros. Melee
  1v1 — $10
  2v2 Teams — $5 each

Admission Fee and Waivers

There is no admission fee for the CGA Special.


The rules can be found at the game's webpage. Just go to the game page (buttons located on the right) and click on "Rules".


The following portions of the prize pot (consisting of the entrance fees paid) will be awarded to winners in each category:
1st place — 60%
2nd place — 20%
3rd place — 10%
(10% will go towards donations to the CGA)
*These are subject to change based on the number of entrants.

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