— CGA Open 2005 —

The Open is the CGA's largest tournament. It hosts several of the most currently popular competitive console games. This year the lists includes Halo 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Calibur 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Tekken 5, and Guilty Gear X2. Naturally, less major games will also be hosted at the request of attendees. If you are interested in coming, all of the details you need are right here!

Date, Time, Location

April 2 at 12:00 pm
April 3 at 12:00 pm (additional day if necessary)
Ohio -> Columbus -> The Ohio State University -> The Ohio Union (Basement)
Directions: Click here
  The Ohio Union
  1739 North High St.
  Columbus, OH, 43210


Near the Union there is a "C"-level parking garage. Park there, you'll get a little parking pass—hang onto that. If you bring any form of helpful equipment for the tournament, your [very small] parking fee will be reimbursed.

*The Ohio Union is wheelchair-accessible.

What to Bring

TVs, Gamecubes, X-Boxes, copies of whatever game you want to play, and most importantly YOUR OWN CONTROLLER(S)! Bring any adapters you might need if you wish to use controllers for other than their respective consoles. Don't forget, bring your own controller! We cannot stress this enough.

Games, Formats, and Fees

Halo 2
  8-player FFA — $10 (all entrance fees *per person*)
  4v4 Teams — $10

Super Smash Bros. Melee
  1v1 — $5
  2v2 Teams — $5 each

Soul Calibur 2
  1v1 — $5

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
  1v1 — $5

Guilty Gear X2
  1v1 — $5

Tekken 5
  1v1 — $5

Admission Fee and Waivers

There is a $5 Admission Fee. This can be waived or reduced in the following manners:

If you Preregister for the tournament (but do not register for more than one category) OR sign up for 2 categories (at the door), the fee will be dropped to $2.
If you Preregister and sign up for 2 or more categories online, the fee will be waived entirely.
If you do not preregister, but you do enter 3 or more categories at the door, the fee will be waived entirely.
If you bring a TV and/or Console, the Entrance fee will be waived entirely.


The rules for each format can be found at each specific game's webpage. Just go to a game page (buttons located on the right) and click on "Rules".


The following portions of the prize pot (consisting of the entrance fees paid) will be awarded to winners in each category:
1st place — 60%
2nd place — 20%
3rd place — 10%
(10% will go towards donations to the CGA)
*These are subject to change based on the number of entrants.

Why the Admission Fee and donations?

A lot of money is going toward organizing this tournament. Renting the space and the TVs, arranging for refreshments, and advertising the competition — these have turned out to be expensive. We hope to do no more than break even with the modest admission fee and donations.

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