CGA Member List

NameE-MailAIM Handle
Anuj Agrawalagrawal.22@osu.eduAnujSuper9
Dmitry Sharkovsharkov.3@osu.eduSciros Darkblade
Ryan Brainerdbrainerd.3@sbcglobal.netGAiDENgt
Joe Bushmanbushman.11@osu.edunubs4wc3
Jon Clarkjecrystalkirby@hotmail.comdensetalhazad
Jacob Jarvisjarvis.76@osu.educanigetsome21
Alex Kernkern.204@osu.eduZemmiphile
Bradley Mellenmellen.5@osu.eduolarin42
Daniel Mickeymickey.10@osu.eduTBIRallySport
Joe Nagarnagar.7@osu.eduganalf85pwned
Jon Pryorpryor.6@osu.eduFanatic911
Joe Ryanryan.311@osu.eduImTallGermanJoe
Jim "Jimmy" Schedwinsquirrelpn@excite.comSquirrelPN
Drew Scolesscoles.7@osu.eduDTS1485
Vlad Sharkovvladimirsharkov@hotmail.como The Paragon o
Kyle Willswills.68@osu.eduSenatorofKantor

If you are a member yet you are not on this list, it is likely due to your contact information being lost by the absent-minded webmaster. Please E-Mail him to be added, and you will appear here as soon as possible.

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