Soul Calibur 2

The following rules apply to Soul Calibur 2 played at CGA-sponsored tournaments:

Game Version: GCN

  VS Battle mode (i.e., not VS Extra mode)
  Best 3/5 Rounds, best 2/3 Matches
  Life Gauge 100%
  Round Time 60 seconds
  Stage Selection OFF

No system-exclusive characters (Link, Spawn, Heihachi). However, exceptions *may* be made at the time of the tournament, depending on circumstances. The general rule is, if you are an experienced player, don't bet on it.

All unlockable characters allowed. All costumes allowed (including Seung-Mina's 3rd costume, if you seriously think that's your ticket to victory).

Control reconfiguration (making Guard Y instead of B, etc.) is allowed if and only if a full-time monitor is present. That monitor will be responsible for making sure the controls are set back to default at the end of every set. If no full-time monitor is present, control reconfiguration is banned and will lead to unconditional disqualification! We do not want to deal with players contesting fights because their controls were messed up by a previous player who reconfigured them.

*Some tournaments ban console-only characters (Necrid, Seung-Mina, Sophitia, and Charade because he mimics console-only characters). CGA does not do this, as we are primarily console-oriented.

Lizardman throw glitch banned.

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